Events in the city of Boyarka - September 24, 2022

Events in the city of Boyarka - September 24, 2022

Several cultural and artistic events are planned in the city of Boyarka on September 24, 2022.

Charity fair "Together to Victory"!

You can buy decorations, decor, toys made by our pets! And also become a participant in the patriotic lottery and win original prizes! All withdrawn funds go to support the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Venue: Boyarka, str. Shevchenko, 82D
Time: from 12:00 to 14:00

Charity fair in support of the Armed Forces, in particular the 49th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces "Karpatska Sich".

Together with the children, we will create angels and postcards for defenders. We will put a lot of pure desire into each job and get pleasure from the process. The event's huge team will make sure that everyone has a good time, has fun and helps our armed forces feel warm, grateful and cared for. The fair will take place in any weather!
Venue: Boyarka, Shevchenko Park
Time: from 13:00 to 15:00

Exhibition of posters by Nikita Titov "WAY TO FREEDOM"

The works of the Kharkiv artist Nikita Titov depict the struggle of the Ukrainian people for the establishment of the independence of their state, protection against the invasion of the territory of the Motherland by a treacherous and ferocious occupier who is trying to destroy Ukraine and its people and is a threat to the entire civilized world. In the images of the master of political graphics, the majestic Maidan, the war, the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war, the voluntary movement, volunteering. Organizers of the project: Nikita Titov, National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity and CU "Boyar Museum of Local Lore".
Venue: Boyarka, str. Hrushevsky, 49-A
The exhibition will last until November 10, 2022.

Cultural and artistic center of Boyar city council
Boyar information center
CU "Boyar Museum of Local Lore"

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