1. Advertising on the site

1.1. Posting free events on news and calendars, and adding organizations to your help for free!
1.2. Events will be held free of charge in the following settlements: Boyarka, Tarasivka, Zabirya and other places near the city. There is also free information about your organization in the help section, if it is related to the city of Boyarka.
1.3. Political advertising is prohibited! Advertising that is in some way related to the policy is not placed on the site!
1.4. The administrator may refuse to post without explanation!

2. Rules and advertising in the Facebook group

2.1. What is forbidden in the group?
2.1.1. Political posts!
2.1.2. Links to political groups!
2.1.3. Links to sites with political news!
2.1.4. Multilevel pereposts!
2.2. ATTENTION: Boyarka City Council is in question, they as an official city information resource sometimes say something reasonable: - |
2.3. What is allowed in the group?
2.3.1. Cats!
2.4.2. Any posts that are not prohibited!

3. And now the nuances: Advertising in the group is FREE![/H2]

3.1. Any advertising is allowed if you are not a large network (for example, Epicenter)!
3.2. Advertise no more than once every 7 days (so as not to overwhelm the group)! For example: You placed your ad on Monday, so the next one is not earlier than the following Monday.
3.3. It is forbidden to comment on your advertisement in order to rise to the top!
3.4. Duplicate advertising (ie the same but from different accounts) is punishable by a ban.
3.5. The template text "I think the band members will like it" is punished by a ban.

To place advertisements on the site, write to the e-mail boyarkanews@gmail.com
or leave a request on the FB page athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/boyarkashop/
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