Weather forecast in Ukraine for April 2, 2024

Weather forecast in Ukraine for April 2, 2024

On April 2, 2024, in Ukraine, the wind will be predominantly southern, at 7-12 m/s. At night in the western regions and during the day in Ukraine, except for the east, gusts will reach 15-20 m/s, and in the highlands of the Carpathians, they will be 25-30 m/s.

Tomorrow will see variable cloudiness. At night in the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia, and during the day in the western regions, it will be moderate. In most northern regions, there will be light short-term rains, isolated thunderstorms, and the rest of the territory will remain dry.

The temperature at night will range from 9-14°C, in the east and southeast of the country from 6-11°C; during the day, it will be 20-25°C, up to 28°C in Crimea, and 13-18°C in Zakarpattia, Prykarpattia, and along the coast.

Source: Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine

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