Original name: Memory
- Martin Campbell
- Dario Scardapane
- Rupert Parkes
Release date: April 29, 2022
Running time, minutes: 114 (01:54)

Alex, an expert assassin, plans to retire but is assigned one last task, which he ultimately refuses to do after he finds out the target is a young girl. Alex tries to get the contract called off, but finds out the girl has been killed by someone else. This pits him against Vincent, the FBI agent who rehabilitated the girl after her father's death, as well as the people who hired him. Alex sets out to eliminate the child traffickers, but his severe memory loss turns out to be detrimental to his health and mission.

Movie trailer Memory:

Starring Memory:

Liam Neeson
Alex Lewis

Guy Pearce
Vincent Serra

Monica Bellucci
Davana Sealman

Harold Torres
Hugo Marquez

Taj Atwal
Linda Amistead

Ray Fearon
Gerald Nussbaum

Ray Stevenson
Detective Danny Mora

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