About "AVAILABLE MEDICINES" by prescription in martial law


The Affordable Care Act continues to work.

All doctors with technical capabilities continue to prescribe e-prescriptions, and patients, even in another region, receive medication for it.

If you do not have access to the electronic health care system, your doctor will write you a paper prescription. Both electronic and paper prescriptions for "available drugs" and insulin may be used during martial law.

It is important to remember that the rules of primary care have changed during the war. If you have had to move to another place, you can go to any primary care doctor and get medical help and, if necessary, a prescription for the necessary medication. The infographic of the Ministry of Health shows information on how to get "affordable medicine" under martial law, find a pharmacy with "affordable medicine", get medicine for mental and behavioral disorders and epilepsy.

Pharmacies that dispense "available drugs" under the agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund accept both paper and electronic prescriptions. You should look for pharmacies that dispense "available medicines" with the help of an electronic card of pharmacies participating in the drug reimbursement program:

Source: KRMA


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