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Schedule: Kyiv-Pas. — Fastov-1
pl. Karavaevy Dachi
Schedule: pl. Karavaevy Dachi — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Karavaevy Dachi — Fastov-1
Schedule: Kyiv-Volynskyi — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Kyiv-Volynskyi — Fastov-1
Schedule: Vyshneve — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Vyshneve — Fastov-1
pl. Tarasivka
Schedule: pl. Tarasivka — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Tarasivka — Fastov-1
Schedule: Boyarka — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Boyarka — Fastov-1
pl. Malyutynka
Schedule: pl. Malyutynka — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Malyutynka — Fastov-1
pl. Shlyahova
Schedule: pl. Shlyahova — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Shlyahova — Fastov-1
pl. Glevaha
Schedule: pl. Glevaha — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Glevaha — Fastov-1
pl. 888 km
Schedule: pl. 888 km — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. 888 km — Fastov-1
Schedule: Vasilkiv-1 — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Vasilkiv-1 — Fastov-1
pl. Korchi
Schedule: pl. Korchi — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Korchi — Fastov-1
Schedule: Motovylivka — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Motovylivka — Fastov-1
pl. Bilky
Schedule: pl. Bilky — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Bilky — Fastov-1
pl. Pivni
Schedule: pl. Pivni — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Pivni — Fastov-1
pl. Vyshnyaky
Schedule: pl. Vyshnyaky — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Vyshnyaky — Fastov-1
Sorochyj Brid
Schedule: Sorochyj Brid — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: Sorochyj Brid — Fastov-1
pl. Snitynka
Schedule: pl. Snitynka — Kiev-Pass.
Schedule: pl. Snitynka — Fastov-1
Schedule: Fastiv-1 — Kiev-Pass.

Schedule of electricians in the direction of: Kyiv-Pas., pl. Karavaevy Dachi, Kyiv-Volynskyi, Vyshneve, pl. Tarasivka, Boyarka, pl. Malyutynka, pl. Shlyahova, pl. Glevaha, pl. 888 km, Vasilkiv-1, pl. Korchi, Motovylivka, pl. Bilky, pl. Pivni, pl. Vyshnyaky, Sorochyj Brid, pl. Snitynka, Fastiv-1

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